Brooding Ducks - Welsh Harlequin Specifically

Posted by Jason Harley on

One of my ducks has begun unexpectedly brooding! She began this behaviour previously, but would run away from the nest if I approached. Now she raised her feathers, opened her mouth, and made sort of a hissing noise at me! I was terrified to my core, and shaking like I just survived a bad traffic accident. I had no option but to back away from this ferocious display.

So, anyways, I decided to let her stay. It's almost June 1st on the dot, and if she wants to sit in that spot? Why not. I think she has 6-10 eggs underneath her. I wondered if she would raise these duckling on her own, and found a nice scientific link regarding ducklings you may enjoy.,will%20wander%20off%20into%20danger.

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