Geolite Clay Pebbles (Hydroton) 45L

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  • Stable and low-EC
  • High total porosity (approximately 85% by volume) provides excellent root ventilation and oxygenation to plants
  • Excellent draining capacity
  • Strong, stable and durable
  • Great for soil aeration and drainage
  • Perfect for hydroponics, hydroculture, and aquaponics
  • 8-20 mm size

Perfect for hydroponics, hydroculture, aquaponics, roof gardens, potting and mulching GEOLITE Clay Pebble BENEFITS: • Neutral pH and chemically inert: they’re specifically formulated to be chemically inert with a neutral pH (ph≥ 6), so they’re good for all types of plants and crops. • Stable Low EC: this is very important for hydroponic growers, the EC is 7 mS/m (UNI EN 13038:2002), helps perfect control of the chemical compounds and values of fertilized water. Always remember, that every growing technique, and each variety of plant have an ideal EC range for optimum growth and blooming. • Air and water reservoir: great for aeration, the pebbles high total porosity (approx. 85% by volume) provides excellent root ventilation and oxygenation to plants, whilst its high water retention (approx. 30%) makes it a valuable water reservoir: water is stored in the internal porosity of the clay granules and is slowly released to the plants, ensuring better plant growth • Excellent draining capacity: drains freely for great drainage, its dense network of intergranular voids of high drainage capacity prevents water from stagnating, ensuring free draining, good oxygen levels around the root; suitable for flood and drain systems, multi-pot and drip feed systems • Strong, stable and durable: its strong structural integrity means they are less likely to break, they’re dimensionally stable and non-deformable, preventing dripper systems from getting blocked They’re not adversely affected by freeze/thaw cycles, is resistant to acids, and retains its properties unaltered over time; for all practical purposes this material will last forever. • Natural and certified product: the natural origin of GEOLITE clay pebbles, combined with its manufacturing process, which respects the environment, make it a highly sustainable product. • Lightweight: its low density (approx. 21lb/ft³ / 330 kg/m3 UNI EN 13037:2002) is particularly appreciated in green roof systems and roof gardens because it reduces loading on the structure, increases thermal insulation and is widely used to the preparation of substrates to improve their physical characteristics. • Mineral and rotproof: as a 100% mineral product it will not rot, cannot be attacked by parasites (fungus, rodents, insects, etc.) and is not conducive to the spread of plant diseases, • Non-combustible: it is completely non-combustible (Euroclass fire rating – A1), fire-resistant, and safe, including in the presence of fire. Great for protecting from fire hazards. • Pebble size: approx. 8mm - 20mm (approx.. 1/3”-3/4”

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