Mumm's Sprouting Seeds Mung Beans

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Mung Beans

Use to grow delicious Chinese bean sprouts or as a short sprout. Chinese bean sprouts should be grown in the dark to prevent bitterness.

  • Days to Sprout: Sprouts 2-3; Shoots 6-7
  • Soak Time: 6-8 hours
  • Yield: 1/2 cup of dry seed yeilds 2.5 cups of sprouts
  • Storage: Our seeds should sprout well for a year after you purchase them, if stored in a cool dry place. If you’d like to extend the germination life of your seeds, store them in the fridge. If you store your seeds in the freezer, they’ll last even longer!

Sprouting Directions 

Soak: Put approximately 1/4 cup seed in a wide mouth jar with a sprouting lid. Add water, swirl, and drain. Refill jar with water and soak 6-12 hours. Drain well and invert jar at an angle on a sprouting rack, or in a bowl or drain rack.

Rinse: Twice a day, refill jar with cold water, swirl, and drain.

Enjoy! Ready to eat in (2-3) days. Refrigerate to store.