Plantskydd Herbivore Repellent

Plantskydd Herbivore Repellent

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Remarkably effective at keeping deer, rabbits and other herbivores from browsing in yards and gardens, this powerful, long-lasting repellent works so well because it triggers their instinctive fear of predators. It consists largely of dried, powdered blood from agricultural sources. When mixed with water, it emits an odor that is innocuous to humans, but to most mammal pests it suggests recent carnivore activity, generating an immediate flight response.

The solution can be sprayed over a wide area or brushed onto individual plants for targeted application. Once dried, it is inconspicuous on foliage and unaffected by precipitation, remaining potent for three months or more. Harmless to plants, pets and humans, the sterile, all-natural ingredients break down over time.

1LB/454 grams and makes 4x more than the pre-mixed solution for the same price.

Developed in Sweden and made in USA.