Red Wiggler Worms Starter Population - In store pick up only

Red Wiggler Worms Starter Population - In store pick up only

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We sell our worms with the goal of them surviving and either adding to, or establishing, a worm bin of your own. Unlike others who simply count / weigh worms to be sold by the pound or thousand, we sell ours in 'clumps' which contain not only a healthy worm red wiggler population, but also food and thousands of eggs. Why do we do it this way?

We do it this way because it works. Prior to opening a retail store, we cultivated and have sold worms for years on Kijiji and through an older webstore so we know what works. And what doesn't. And what doesn't work for the inexperienced worm farmer is to spend over a hundred dollars on a large population of worms, without knowing if their environment is going to support them. Too often customers who had purchased worms elsewhere found that within a week or two, half of their investment has died off. People under-estimate how much red wiggler worms actually need to eat to maintain a population. Otherwise, they die off and limit their own population relative to available food. 

It is far more economical (and safer to ensure the worms survival) for people to order a starter clump of worms. The worms will reproduce very, very quickly given the proper conditions. You can never have too much shredded cardboard or egg cartons, and those grass clippings in the summer are just perfect. So quite simply, we sell them in this manner to ensure you don't overspend and to ensure the highest chances of survival.