Sunblaster LED Grow Light Garden

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Designed for growing fresh herbs, leafy greens, or micro-greens on a countertop. No fancy proprietary parts; this system works off the age old design of passive watering. As long as your reservoir is full, you don't need to worry about moving parts or clogging ports.


- Great for indoor salad or microgreen production

- Compact size and shape of this unit is ideal for table or

   kitchen counter-top use

- Sturdy recycled plastic base acts as a reservoir for


- Tray sits a stand covered by a sheet of absorbent cloth

   that draws water up and into the bottoms of the planted

   seed trays by capillary action

- Everything you need to grow fresh herbs all year round

- The hood's height is fully adjustable


- 2 x SunBlaster LED light kits

- Four reusable segmented trays for planting, the

   reservoir stand, wick sheet for optional "self watering,"

   and full instructions


- 24" wide x 14" deep x 17" tall (60 cm x 40 cm x 43 cm)