Wreath Peanut Feeder Coil - Black

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A favourite with the Blue Jays, this primarily whole peanut feeder can also work with small suet balls, or nesting material. Try using both peanuts in the shell and small suet balls together to keep the birds at the feeder for a longer time. In the summer, try small suet balls and orange segments for Orioles. Done up as a pretty wreath it makes a great gift giving idea.

  • Can be filled with shelled peanuts, suet balls, nesting material, corn cobs, seasonal décor
  • Treat like a wreath - fill and add a bow, change the colour of the ribbon/netting to match the season
  • Attracts Blue Jays, Woodpeckers, Chickadees and Nuthatches- all birds will pick at the peanuts
  • **NOTE** Peanuts not included