Protect your ducks from thieves!

Posted by Jason Harley on

I had the most unfortunate and bizarre day today. I woke up to find my ducks had been attacked in their shed. Not by a predator, but by a human being. Had it been a predator, all the ducks inside the shed would have been killed. But that was not the case. It was after night fall, a human came to my duck shed with a machete or blade of some sort. In the morning I found 4 of my females had escaped (2 badly injured in the neck), a splattering of blood on my shed wall, and a pool of blood in the corner. My male duck body was gone. The police were called.

My females are now of course afraid to go back in the shed. I am adding motion activated lighting, a motion activated camera, and a heavy duty padlock.

But what is the world coming to when people are trespassing on rural property to kill your pets for food. 

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